Why should I buy directly from the producer?

Because we guarantee you a natural product that respects the rules of our company certification.

Because you avoid to buy products from other countries.

Because you save money, since you avoid all the sector passages, especially if you buy together with friends, colleagues and relatives.

Because you will receive the product home in 24/48 hours, so it is still fresh.

Because the harvest and processing technique are handmade.

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What should I do to preserve the product?

You have to keep the product cool and far from sunlight or you can freeze it too.

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Which is the right quantity to start with?

ou start with little quantities, since this product stimulates the intestine and can cause swelling problems.

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Is this product helpful to reduce glycaemia?

If you eat it every day (fresh as well as powdered), it will control glycaemia positively.

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