Topinambur as a remedy for diabetes

A natural and healthy diet helps to control glycaemia and diabetes, thanks to the high levels of inulin, and to prevent complications, but above all, it improves one’s lifestyle. Nonetheless, a wholesome diet is good for everybody, not only for diabetic people.

Surprisingly, many people recovered from diabetes only by having introduced Topinambur in their daily diet; the same happened and still does talking about nephritis.

How is that possible?

Topinambur contains high levels of biotin (Vitamin H), whose absence in a daily diet causes tiredness, lack of appetite, sleepiness and muscle soreness. According to professor Boas, Topinambur contains from 15 to 20 times more Biotin than potato. Biotin stands all types of cooking and stimulates the material change in general.

Fructose (or laevulose) is the main substance of Topinambur. It is different from the common sugar, since it is absorbed by the system without damaging the pancreas, as it happens to diabetic people. Fructose helps diabetics in providing glycogen (reserve substance) to pancreas, thus it prevents coma and acidosis. In Topinambur, fructose occurs as inulin (not to be confused with “insulin”, which is the hormone that cures diabetes). Such inulin is generated by the condensation of fructose, as well as the common starch comes from the condensation of glucose, a less digestible sugar. When it is not assimilated, glucose obstructs diabetics’ blood and tissues; for this reason it must be removed from diabetics’ diet. However, it is impossible to live with no sugar in our bodies, so Topinambur helps by showing that in our body there is a change-absorption cycle (independent of insulin) and fructose is well used even if there is a low level of insulin.

It has been proved that 50 grams pure fructose per day, that is to say 250 g Topinambur distributed in equal parts during the day, are perfectly employed, irrespective of the presence of insulin. Then the glycogen reserves of the liver can be restored and kept at normal levels. Of course, not all the starch of Topinambur is inulin; you can also find the starch that comes from glucose, but that has the advantage (unique of this product) of providing two types of starches in a ratio of 3 to 2; three parts of inulin and two of starch. Such advantage deals with diabetics as well as people with liver, bile or stomach aches. To sum up briefly, glycogen can come from the condensation of both glucose and fructose, in a sort of good alternative to those who use glucose in a bad way. We would like to emphasize that Topinambur is not to be taken as a medicine only, but also as a healthy diet product for everybody.

In addition, it contains a special ferment, known as inulase, which is useful to the digestion and is usually absent from the human digestive system; for that reason you have to pay attention not to delete it with wrong culinary recipes. In fact, such ferment is destroyed with a temperature of 55°C or more, or if acids are present.

Source: www.dinamolisi.it