Topinambur qualities

Only a few people know Topinambur as a food, and even fewer as a therapeutic remedy. It is a great ally for diabetics, since it contains inulin, a particular soluble food fibre. A great part of our website deals with this topic.

It aids milk secretion and contrasts with water retention.

Topinambur contains vitamins B and thanks to inulin, the few present calories are less absorbed by the system. Then, it is the best for slimming diets, especially if it is eaten with no heavy condiments.

The little flowers of this plant are similar to the daisy ones and can be used as natural insecticide, since they smell bad to flies. Moreover, even the Topinambur flour is extracted and sold in natural food shops and herbalist’s shops. Together with other flours in a percentage of 10%, it makes the ideal mix for diabetic and constipated persons. In the section “NEWS” you will find more information about the opportunity to order Topinambur flour directly.

To sum up, Topinambur can be used against digestive troubles and constipation, for gastrointestinal and system disinfection, to control haematic sugar and cholesterol reduction, in low-calorie diets. You just need to introduce Topinambur in your daily diet, raw as well as cooked, better if steamed.