Ricette con i topinambur


Savoury Topinamburs

Ingredients for 5/6 people

• 12 medium size Topinambur roots
• salt
• extra virgin olive oil
• breadcrumbs
• grated parmigiano cheese
• parsley (optional)

For the sauce:

• shallot
• stock-cube
• white flour
• thyme
• salt
• 1 yolk

How to prepare it

Brush and wash Topinamburs. Boil in salt water (it does not have to cover the roots necessarily) for 20 minutes on a middle flame. Pay attention: roots do not have to cook too much, but if it happens it will become Topinambur puree, so no problem! While the roots boil, prepare the sauce. Brown the sliced shallot with oil. When it is golden brown, add flour and stock-cube until you get a soft cream (you choose how much sauce you want to prepare, according to the people). Keep mixing and cook the cream for 15 minutes on a middle flame. Add thyme before taking the cream off the flame. Add salt and yolk. Oil the pan and sprinkle breadcrumbs and make alternating sheets of Topinambur and cream with parmigiano cheese. Sprinkle parsley (optional). Put in the oven for 10/15 minutes au gratin.

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