Ricette con i topinambur


Omelette with Topinambur

Ingredients for four people

• 4 eggs
• 400 g Topinambur
• 80 g butter
• 25 cl cream
• 1 little bunch parsley
• Salt
• Pepper

How to prepare it

Clean Topinamburs with a brush in order to remove mould residues, then wash and dry them with a dishcloth. Peel the Topinamburs and cut them into thin slices and roast with 50 g butter on a high flame for some minutes and blend. Then, cook the vegetables on a low flame with cover for 20 minutes. When Topinamburs are almost cooked add salt and sprinkle with chopped parsley. Blend quickly, add cream and make it thicker without cover until you get a smooth sauce. Break the eggs in a mixing bowl, add salt, pepper and whisk with a whip till they become frothy. Melt the butter left in a non-stick pan and pour the whisked eggs. Cook the omelette for some minutes and when the surface is clotted, put Topinamburs in its centre. Fold the borders of the omelette over the stuffing and leave it on a low flame for some minutes, then serve warm.

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