Ricette con i topinambur


Risotto with leeks, Topinamburs and mushrooms cream

Ingredients for four people

• 320 g rice
• 5 leeks
• 200 g Topinambur
• 20 g dried porcini mushrooms
• 3 bay leaves
• 2 cloves
• 1 sachet saffron
• 1 spoon chopped parsley
• 120 ml white wine
• oil
• salt
• nutmeg

How to prepare it

Peel the leeks and cut four of them into longitudinal slices, then chop the fifth one. Peel and cut the Topinamburs into small pieces, then boil them together with the four chopped leeks for max 10 minutes in a litre 1/2 salt water with bay and cloves. Take the leeks and Topinamburs with a skimmer, take off the spices and melt the saffron in the water left in the pot; keep it warm. Put Topinamburs, tender chopped dried mushrooms, a bit of nutmeg and a spoon oil into a mixer. Then mix and add the saffron stock until you obtain a thick soup. Brown the chopped leek with 3-4 spoons oil for 5 minutes, add rice, roast it and add wine; let it evaporate and add the boiled leeks. Keep cooking by adding the saffron stock until you get a firm risotto. Cream it with the Topinambur and mushrooms soup.

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